Randig Towing offers a full range of vehicle maintenance and car repair and truck repair to help keep your vehicle safe and running smoothly.



Those spark plugs and wires wear out and reduce your engine's power and mileage less replaced when needed.


Brakes and Rotors should be changed regularly to increase safety for you, remove roughness while braking, and improve your car's stopping distance.


We are an independent service center offering you an economical alternative to your dealership for all your scheduled maintenance and service work needs.   We use the latest diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is repaired or serviced properly and on time.


We can put on the tires and wheels for your vehicle, since tires with low tread or bald are very dangerous.  New wheels can make your car look better, change tire size, or put on winter wheels to protect your good wheels from salt and increased amount of potholes after winter.


Old tires and worn suspension on your vehicle can cause safety issues and could cause further damage to your vehicle.  Improving your ride comfort, braking distance, and preventing you from sliding in bad weather will make improve your safety in variety of conditions.